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Historically, agricultural food products Made in Italy are manifestation of different factors such as arts and crafts, handcrafted manufacturing, wisdom and care for details: elements which are matured over the centuries. The DBF COMMERCIAL society, in the field of Italian excellences of agribusiness branch, pays particular attention to typical products of southern Italy which achieve high qualities thanks to the ancient handmade traditions passed down from one generation to another, to great raw materials and to a big love for this land.

This society is situated in the earth of South Italy, in Crotone. It arises from founders’ passion for culinary deliciousness of their land and from a lucid vision of that potential not completely used which concerns the export of high quality southern products.


Main purposes of DBF COMMERCIAL: to search for local producers of high quality early produces on territory; to develop, propose and sell on international trade the product, with its history, its traditions and its land. Our work consist of a selection in behalf of refined and careful customers about “good food” of southern Italy, which is the result of the union between the attentions for raw material and its origin and ancient processing techniques.

Users of these products recognise a merit to a careful lifestyle to daily costs, to the producers and their production, to the respect for workers and environment.


Every product involves respect for traditions, handmade processing techniques and furthermore it takes into account the pleasure for beauty, innovation and complexities of modern way of life. With us, you will discover a world where you’ll be conquered by the attentions for quality and “saper vivere” (know how to live) will conquest you. We cooperate with producers who employ biological and biodynamic agriculture through the observance of agricultural cycles and manage biological farm animals, by assuring healthy and natural living conditions of animals; farms which reflect founders’ identities of DBF COMMERCIAL and, with us, said “Yes” to Nature; men and women who work with us to guarantee the best products to consumers, biological too, in terms of quality and alimentary safety, in the whole processing time from the land to our tables.

We made a careful selection of some products such as Pasta, Cured Meats, Cheeses, Wines, Olive Oil, and Preserves.





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